Startup Conclave 2.0

5th and 6th October 2018

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Few Words About Us

Evolving Developers and Innovators

E-cell strives to assist every aspiring entrepreneur at every single step in their journey

Motivation and Competence

The events induce motivation and competence among young prospective entrepreneurs.

Identify the Opportunities

Make people able enough to identify and use the opportunities successfully for a new venture.


As an entrepreneur, you only fail when you give up.


SCOOTYWALA Travelling to new places gives rise to numerous problems, and ScootyWala makes sure that traveling isn’t one of them. ScootyWala is the solution for personal transport in Pune at very reasonable rates. No need to haggle for fare or struggle with public transport any more. Rent your personal vehicle and ride your way for, ScootyWala is just a phone-call away! ScootyWala provides self-drive two wheelers on an hourly as well as on daily basis for travel in and out of the city. Affordable cost, time flexibility, and easy pickups are the secret for the smooth functioning of ScootyWala.


DiscoverED, a startup by Saurabh Jain and Gagan, students of College of Engineering, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, is a peer to peer learning platform. It aims at providing the right motivation, attitude, vision, and guidance to develop interest and mould talent along the right direction. DiscoverED is a platform where one can meet mentors for their particular field of interests. Be it dancing, arts, photography, singing, content writing, sports, technical knowledge, etc. They are talented and are full of spirit to guide you and to bring out the best in you. “ If you only do what you know you can – you will never do very much.”

How to Say It

How to Say It is an idea driven into action, taking in account the fear of almost every student who is struggling with common problems like fear of speaking, discussion in public etc. Here we tend to drive away the fears of speaking out our thoughts, improving the diction, vocabulary, confidence and grammar of every participant through perfectly programmed sessions, which are conducted every week. The idea was originated by Akshay Jain, who is an avid speaker, poet and a great anchor. Activities include speeches, group discussions, debates, reviews, error rectifications and other various activities.


Tutor Pros is a startup firm to get you about the site and who are we. So, lets begin with the fact that why we’ve made this site. It’s we who’ve felt the heat of the things that became almost impossible to receive in our daily lives, especially the study materials that we went wayward into things that got to us a lot of extra bucks to spend and then at last, we’re reaching almost nowhere in our quest for knowledge. Since, we felt this hell of fire on our face in the quest of finding an ultimate solution of the problems related to your engineering academics, we’ll not let you do the folly that we did.




Don't limit your potential for an attractive package, build something extraordinary. I appreciate EDC, BVUCOEP for fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship in students.

Dr. Anand Bhalerao
Principal, BVCOEP

The motive of this E-Cell is to promote entrepreneurship among the curious youth who wish to gain knowledge about it.

Vaibhav Goel
Founder, EDC


Bharati Vidyapeeth University
College of enginnering

(Dhruvil Parikh)

(Harshit Gupta)