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Blockchain Basics

Blockchain technology is widely regarded as a revolutionary technology, and banking and financial industry are at the forefront of experimenting with this technology. The comprehension of this technology and its potential impact are still in primitive stages and rapidly evolving.

Digital Marketing

This Digital Marketing Training / Workshop covers different tools of digital marketing, choosing right tool in a specific situation, budgeting, and analysis. It also attempts to explain how to create and execute integrated digital marketing campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence

This session will teach you concepts of Machine Learning (ML) programs, Data Science routines, as well as techniques for designing new ML algorithms. The workshop aims to provide a better understanding of implementing Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to hack day to day problems.

Creativity for Startups

Business Model Canvas is strategic management and lean startup template for documenting a newly developed or existing business models. It is a visual chart with elements that categorize the various aspects of the product concerned.

Drones and Mobility

The global market for commercial drones is growing rapidly.These days, with the expanding drone culture, more and more corporates and startups compete for urban airspace. The workshop would aim to expand the understanding of the participants about the structure and programming of drones and advancements along the same line.

Funding 101

India is witnessing a startup revolution and to capitalize the potential of India’s innovators and entrepreneurs a vibrant financial ecosystem is essential. Getting funding is a crucial element to kick off any start-up; there are various methods of funding that are popular in the start-up community nowadays, including traditional angel, VC and newly created crowdfunding etc.



The best quality of an entrepreneur is to connect the chain of ideas. Putting the attendees’ creativity to test, they will be given 2 hours with a box full of unrelated random objects which will be utilized by them to make a product that can solve any day to day problem and then pitch the product to the panel. It’s an innovation from the scratch in its pure sense!


STARTUP INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT PROGRAM aims at providing the enthusiastic students an entrepreneurial environment and an opportunity to realize their dreams. Startup internship placement programme will see the participation of startups backed by prestigious Venture Capital Firms to provide internship and placement to eligible students.


With the increasing number of career choices in front of students, comes the indecisiveness in taking the right path ahead. The discussion has been aimed at helping the attendees to come up with an efficient solution on a subjective basis. Experienced personalities would discuss the pros and cons of each and would guide the participants by clarifying their respective doubts and problems.


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